Athletic Facilities

The Brookhaven College athletic facilities consist of a softball field, tennis courts, a two-mile track, a soccer complex, a baseball field, two auxiliary fields, and a gymnasium.

The softball field meets National Junior College Athletic Association, NJCAA, requirements and is available to students enrolled in our softball course or for rented usage. The tennis courts are located just south of the softball field and there are six regulation courts. These are available for open play from dawn to dusk unless a class is in session or the courts have been rented for usage.

There is a two-mile track that circles the perimeter of Brookhaven’s campus. This track merges with the bike trail system for City of Addison and extends into Farmers Branch as well. It is available for open use from dawn to dusk. The track can be rented for use by outside groups and hosts several charity run/walk events throughout the year.

The soccer complex is located on the eastern most part of the campus. The complex features an NJCAA match field, as well as two smaller practice fields. The soccer complex is not available for public use or free play.

The baseball field is located on the southeastern corner of the campus. The baseball field is NJCAA size and available for rented usage. Auxiliary field #1 is located near the center of the campus outside Building T and between the P1 and P2 parking lots. Auxiliary field #2 is located on the west side of the campus between the P4 and P5 parking lots. Both auxiliary fields can be rented for usage.

The gymnasium is located in Building T near the center of the college. The gymnasium contains an NJCAA size court with four side goals. The gymnasium is available for rented usage.

Attendance at all of Brookhaven College’s NJCAA sporting events is free. If you have any questions about renting one of these spaces, please contact Kevin M. Hurst, athletic direcrtor, at